Fake Webcam


Play videos pretending to be real time webcams




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Did you know you can cheat your friends while you chat by using fake videos as if they were real webcam images?It is time to enjoy and have fun while chatting.

If you usually use IM clients and webcam, you will enjoy this application.

Fake Webcam allows you to play pre-recorded videos, keep your privacy by pretending to be some one else or fake your friends pretending that something is happening in your room. You can use it without even having a physical webcam.

You can use Fake Webcam in instant messengers (Yahoo, MSN, Paltalk, etc) while chatting. It can broadcast one single movie to all the messengers at the same time.

Though its main function is to simulate real time webcams, you can use it to fake your friends or to show them videos while chatting.

It supports AVI, MPG ad MV media files

15-day trial version

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